About us

Who are we?

We are a team of 2 crypto aficionados based in Paris, France. We were looking for online shops where we could use our cryptocurrencies and guess what, we could not find many! With this in mind, we decide to create a store where crypto owners could find anything they need in real life but shopping with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Where do our products come from?

We source our products directly from the vendors or authorised resellers when it comes to branded products around Europe. All the products are unused and sealed in original packaging.

Crypto what?

As part of our vision, we propose only cryptocurrencies payment option to support the adoption of virtual money. We believe that the blockchain technology applied to payment process is the future of our monetary system and we want to support this innovation. We make shopping with bitcoin easy, be an early adopter, join the mouvement !

You can also support us and help us growing our product offer by donating here ! Thanks!